• Is parking close?

    Public squares exist in front of the cottage on the sidewalk opposite.

  • Where is the chalet located?

    In the main street of the village of Plateau d'Assy where traffic is non-existent from 20 pm and night.
  • Is the linen provided?

    No it is not provided in the basic rate, it must be added extra per person or book the "tariff without worry"
  • Is there a lease?

    The rental agreement is immediately delivered to the customer at the time of booking online.
  • Why book online?

    Any tourist accommodation structure like any company currently has a website with a secure payment terminal that allows you to book your stay online.It confirms in real time the reservation that is blocked and sends you immediately the appropriate documentation (rental contract, description of accommodation, a voucher detailing your reservation).
  • Are holiday checks accepted?

    Yes holiday checks are accepted, in the payment of the balance on arrival. The deposit is mandatory online.

  • Is the household included in the stay?

    Cleaning is not included in the basic rate. It must be added as a supplement per person or book the "tariff without worry"
  • Will I receive an invoice at the end of the stay?

    The invoice is given to you on the day of departure.
  • Cancellation of rental?

    The cancellation details are described in the general conditions of sale: If you cancel the reservation more than 30 days before arrival, your deposit is refunded. If you cancel between 30 days and 2 days before arrival, 25% of the booking amount will be recovered (the deposit not refunded). If you cancel 2 days before arrival, 50% of the booking amount will be charged. You do not lose your money, the amount can be recovered for another reservation in the next 12 months.
  • Are animals allowed?

    Animals are not allowed.
  • Is it possible to smoke in the apartments?

    It is impossible to smoke in the apartments (presence of smoke detector) and even on the balconies in summer)
  • What does the base rate include?

    The basic rate includes all charges, water, electricity, heating.
  • What price should I choose to have linens and cleaning end of stay?

    You have 2 possibilities: either take the supplements to the unit per person, or choose the offer "without worry" (much more interesting from 3 people)
  • What time do we have to arrive and leave?

    Arrivals are at 15 hours for apartment 3 persons, 16 hours for apartment 6 persons.
    Departures are possible up to 10 hours.

  • Why is the Fizhome Mt Blanc web host different from other similar on the internet?

    In the details many things are made available in the apartments for free: cleaning products, toilet paper, paper sopalin, cellofrais, dishwasher products, washing machine products, clothes pegs, a small dryer. If you have chosen the linen included, you will find per person: a napkin, 2 tea towels, a bath towel, towel for adults, gloves. The + for the sheets, your beds will be made upon arrival.
  • We provide an anti-fall barrier for small children's beds, we provide a BB umbrella bed with new bedding (mattress, mattress pad, booster seat) a BB chair. Also note the equipment of the small apartment by a large refrigerator with freezer compartment.
  • Private owners, people of the Land of Mt Blanc, we take pleasure to welcome our guests in our apartments designed and decorated by us where nothing has been forgotten. We live on the spot and we assure you a reassuring presence and at the same time discreet. We are here to answer any request whatsoever.
  • All year round we set up tariff offers of -10 to -20% according to the periods, to reserve early even in high season.