Those who come to Passy in any season will be spoilt for choice! The mountains are ideal for a wide range of activities in an exceptional natural setting. Those who choose to stay here may simply want to contemplate, need peace and meditation. The others will find a selection of new experiences below!
ski resort of Plaine Joux Passy

Winter sports

Our family ski resort pampers the little ones. At Passy Plaine-Joux, you learn to ski gently, it is the ideal playground and a perfect area to discover, practice and progress! A la carte packages, slopes for all levels with sunshine and an exceptional panorama facing the Mont Blanc range with an altitude of 1358 to 1740 metres. Discover 2 km of free access Nordic ski slopes near the Passy Plaine-Joux resort. The French ski school will be able to provide you with adapted lessons for young and old. The open-air picnic room is open during the resort's opening hours so you can enjoy a warm picnic ! A cross-country skiing itinerary allows you to ski facing the Mont-Blanc in a preserved area. The Lac Gris loop and the old road to the Châtelet d'Ayères. Several snowshoe itineraries: Lac Vert loop and Barmus loop. Accessible to beginners. Magnificent views and discovery of one of the most beautiful natural sites in Passy: the Lac Vert. Snowshoeing guidebook available for download and at the Tourist Office. Sledging and snowtubing: Sensations guaranteed! Tobogganing runs and a run specially designed for snowtubing: large inflatable balls that spin in all directions !
Paragliding take-off area PASSY

Summers sports

You will find many hiking routes in Passy. From beginners to experienced hikers, there is something for everyone! If you want to go further, go and discover the Mt Blanc Massif, the Aravis mountains, the Fiz chain..... Summer mountain activities in Passy can be practised by land, air or water: cycling, mountain biking, VTC on mountain roads and adapted trails. Trail training is essential for those who want to participate in mountain races, regional and international trails. Many climbing and via ferrata sites are listed for those who practice or wish to learn. In the sky of Passy, almost every day, depending on the weather, you can see many paragliders. It is easy to take off or to learn. Passy offers a very accessible take-off area and classified natural sites. Finally, thanks to our beautiful river in the valley, the Arve, and our Passy lake, an incredible range of activities, games and leisure activities: Our leisure centre, open from the end of June to the beginning of September, offers real moments of relaxation and leisure activities facing Mont Blanc: games in the sand and in the water, accrobranche course, mini-golf, sailing on electric boats, stand-up paddle, sports or orienteering course, mountain bike area, go-karting, aqua park, fishing, pedestrian paths.... Bathing and swimming in water that can reach 25° is simply magical from our creeks and our supervised beach. Finally, in the Arve River, you can practice rafting, canoeing and white water swimming.
Passy Triathlon

International sports events

Every year, major sporting events take place in Passy, attracting skiers from all over the world as well as an increasing number of spectators. This year 2021 we had the Telemark World Cup in Plaine Joux. Several international cycling events have passed through Passy: the Dauphiné, the Tour des Pays de Savoie and the Tour de France. In May 2018 we had a paragliding pre-world cup. Paragliding World Cup cancelled in 2020. Tour des Fiz Trail scheduled every year at the end of July. In 2021 if possible first edition of the Trail du Pays du Mt Blanc in September. International Triathlon of Mt Blanc 3rd week of August.
Interior of the Church of Our Lady of All Grace in PASSY

Culture and heritage

Art and architecture treasures, combined with an exceptional natural environment, make up the originality and cultural wealth of Passy. Modern architecture: 1930's, labels " Patrimoine du XXe s. Historic Monument" labels. The southern orientation and the excellent climate are one of the main reasons for the installation of these large ships, the sanatoriums on the high plateaus of Passy. Illustrating the technical and aesthetic genius of 20th century architecture, these buildings have had a great influence on our habitat and the relationship between man and the environment. From the pavilion model to the extremely rationalised building, the Plateau d'Assy presents a complete range of solutions put in place during the inter-war period. Five settlements have chapels whose decoration bears witness to the research that led to the great sacred manifesto that is the church of Assy. The church of Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grâce (1950) is the key building in the renewal of sacred art in the 20th century. The masterpieces that decorate it are signed by the greatest artists of modern art (Rouault, Bonnard, Lurçat, Matisse, Braque, Léger, Chagall...) The oldest, St-Pierre et St-Paul de Passy, is linked to the great agro-pastoral tradition of the region, St-Joseph de Chedde to the industrial past of the site and N. D.-de-Toute-Grâce is linked to the health resort of the Plateau d'Assy. Finally, St Donat des Plagnes. Four eras, four different visions not to be missed in order to understand the passerand territory in all its diversity. Note that the commune still has a dozen chapels, some in the Baroque style, others in the former sanatoriums. In 1973, Passy was the setting for a huge exhibition - Sculptures in the Mountains - Poem in Space. Inspired by the place and its history, and conceived by the poet Jean-Pierre Lemesle, the project will bring together works by the most representative artists of contemporary sculpture. Passy has kept five major works and acquired other sculptures. Placed in the 1980s between the exit of the A40 motorway and the foothills of the Fiz mountain range, they offer us a tour of the hillside, reaching the exceptional viewpoint of Plaine Joux (Works by Cossin, Gosselin, Brunelli, Féraud, Calder, Romy, Dupuy, Sandel, Semser, Roussi, Cardenas and Gardy Artigas) Scattered along the hillside between the plain and the Plaine-Joux resort, facing Mont Blanc, the Route de sculpture contemporaine turns Passy into a large open-air museum. 12 monumental sculptures line a 12km route. Artists: Féraud, Calder, Semser, Gardy Artigas, Roussi, Cardenas, Gosselin, Dupuy, Romy, Cossin, Brunelli and Sandel
Himalayan footbridge in Passy

Only in Passy

The Nan Bordon Himalayan footbridge links the Plateau d'Assy to Lac Vert, below the Plaine-Joux resort. Situated 20 metres above the torrent, it offers a unique panorama of the Mon Blanc. No mopeds or horse riders allowed. The Via Ferrata is built on a limestone cliff facing south, dominated by the Aiguille de Varan. The route, which is not too difficult, is made up of various passages with a succession of short, more or less vertical climbs and crossings embellished with cable bridges and beams. The whole itinerary is a beautiful aerial balcony overlooking the Arve valley with a spectacular backdrop: Mont Blanc. The Jardin des Cîmes is a unique place, a small paradise facing the Mont Blanc, allowing a moment of happiness and contemplation. It is located at the Plateau d'Assy and is a poetic, playful and gastronomic discovery of mountain atmospheres, plants and gardens of the world, for young and old. Finally, there is an establishment in Passy that allows indoor skiing! It is SKI INDOOR 40810, the principle is the same as a running mat, but in an xxl version and adapted to skiing. The indoor ski mats are equipped with a synthetic floor that allows the skis to slide. The slope and speed of the treadmills can be adjusted to suit all levels and exercises. Skiing all the time, in all weathers and at the foot of Mont Blanc : it is possible!